Collection: Detective Liz Moorland


Liz Moorland lives for her job in Homicide. She only knows one way to solve crime - by the book. 

Pete McNamara has more shadow than light in his life and unlike Liz, doesn't mind bending the rules.

A retired street cop, Vince Carter is weighed down by the mistakes of his past.

Andy Montebello has everything to prove if he's to move into Homicide from Missing Persons.

Terry Hall is ready to hang up his hat but the cases keep piling up.

Ben Rossi loves running Missing Persons - until his latest case comes along.

    Set in and around Melbourne, these stories are about major crimes and feature Homicide and Missing Persons detectives. 

    Last Known Contact (Ben is the main character with cameos from Liz and Pete)
    Lest We Forgive
    Lest Bridges Burn 
    Lest Tides Turn (2024)