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Maple Gardens Assisted Living in Atlanta, Georgia, provides the best care for its residents. Staff who go the extra mile. Lovely grounds. Delicious meals. And a small group of elderly friends who want nothing more than to see their loved ones find romance. Even if it takes a bit of a nudge sometimes. And a whole lot of meddling.

Millie, Alice, and Lily worry that their grown children are too busy to find romance, but it is nothing that can't be fixed once they get the ball rolling.

Each book in the Maple Gardens Matchmakers series is a standalone with different couples and situations. Characters may appear in multiple books but each one is written as a complete story with its own heartwarming happy ever after.

Please note that the ebooks are currently available on Amazon and in Kindle Unlimited. Paperbacks are available for Aussie readers from Phillipa, or else from Amazon and many retailers, or ask your library to order in.

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