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A heartwrenching and heartwarming new series set in Australia.

Temple River flows from the Otway Ranges, past the seaside town of Rivers End, then through the limestone cliffs before pooling into a lagoon on the beach near the jetty.

Three brand new standalone books complement the existing Rivers End series - gorgeous settings, characters with heart, and always, a happy ending. Look out for a few cameos from past characters. These titles are with Storm Publishing so are not available direct from the author, apart from signed paperbacks at book events. Links and details for buying options are below.

THE COTTAGE AT WHISPER LAKE:  Journalist Sadie is home for the first time in fifteen years, staying in her small childhood bedroom as she deals with her estranged father’s death and her surprising inheritance.

When Sadie meets Rebecca, the reclusive new owner of the solitary cottage at the edge of nearby Whisper Lake, she’s taken aback by the older woman’s request for help: ‘I need to find my family. Will you help me?’. She’s even more surprised when afterwards, Rebecca acts as if she never made the plea.

Reluctantly, Sadie is drawn in to the mystery. With the help of Rebecca’s handsome neighbour Dan, Sadie begins to uncover the woman’s haunting secret, and the tragic story of when a young girl called Becky lived in another cottage nearby…

By helping Rebecca to face her ghosts, could it be time for Sadie to face the trauma in her own past? As the time to leave draws close, will she learn the importance of family, and love, or will she keep choosing to protect her heart no matter the cost?

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THE BOOKSTORE AT RIVERS END:  Harriet Main moves to the beautiful coastal town of Rivers End with a heavy heart. The bookstore she’s opening on the idyllic main street is a small distraction from the pain of her recent divorce, and the guilt over failing her daughter Olive when she needed her most.

When Harriet finds an anonymous old diary in a collection of books donated to the store, she’s shocked when the donor refuses to take it back, wanting nothing to do with the tragic book. It’s Olive who wants them to read the diary, and when they find a wistful account of a treasure hunt set up by three teenage girls, they decide to follow the clues together. Perhaps the search will help Harriet find the lost pieces of herself.

But uncovering the story hidden in the pages unlocks a decades-old mystery that changes everything, for Harriet, for her daughter, and for the writer whose past they have unwittingly unearthed. When the terrible truth resurfaces, can Harriet find the strength to help heal an old wrong, and how will her path be forever altered by the discovery?

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THE HOUSE AT ANGEL'S BEACH:  Ivy Ross left Rivers End ten years ago, vowing never to return. Her heart broken, her trust gone, the father she adored behind bars. But when her sister Jody begs Ivy to return to finalise their inheritance, the majestic Fairview House, she is drawn home. And when she finds a collection of heartfelt letters hidden in her father’s library, everything she thought she knew is called into question.

The anonymous letters reveal a heartbreaking love story that force Ivy to rethink the terrible night that tore her family apart. And when Ivy meets Leo, the man whose life was also devastated by her father’s crime, she realises that it’s time to uncover the truth. But that’s not the only secret waiting for them in Fairview. Can facing up to her shocking family history lead Ivy to a future she could never have imagined…?

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