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Phillipa Nefri Clark

Lest Bridges Burn (DS Liz Moorland 2). Ebook.

Lest Bridges Burn (DS Liz Moorland 2). Ebook.

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Not goodbye, Auntie. Just 'til next time.

A little girl is missing. Homicide Detective Sergeant Liz Moorland has seen this before. Another child, eighteen years ago. Same colour hair and eyes. Same sweet smile. The same park. They never found her.

Liz has a connection to both disappearances and is convinced they are linked. But if she's to find this child then she has to keep her head. And with the chance of being removed from the most important case of her life, Liz can't make a mistake.

All signs point to a serial kidnapper but when the abductor calls, he'll only deal with Liz. Is this a cruel coincidence or a well-laid trap, planned for decades?

Haunted by the last words of her niece, Liz makes a promise to both girls.

She'll do whatever it takes to bring them home. Even if it means risking her career. And her life.

Lest Bridges Burn is book 2 in the DS Liz Moorland Major Crimes series.

Recommended reading order of series:

  • Lest We Forgive
  • Lest Bridges Burn
  • Lest Tides Turn (2024 release)
  • Plus - Last Known Contact is a standalone in this world which can be read at any point. It shares several of the same characters and ties in to future books. 

This series contains some violence (not graphic on page), occasional use of stronger language, and themes of grief and loss.

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