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Phillipa Nefri Clark

Lest We Forgive (DS Liz Moorland 1). Ebook or audiobook.

Lest We Forgive (DS Liz Moorland 1). Ebook or audiobook.

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 A late night. An icy road. A car wrapped around a tree.

When Detective Liz Moorland stares at the lifeless faces of her ex-colleague’s daughter and son-in-law, she knows it is enough to push Vince Carter over the edge.

Vince, a bitter and reclusive retired cop, was once a hero to many. But in his eyes, he has failed those he most loved. Estranged from his daughter before her death, the enormity of his loss is immeasurable.

While Liz’s hands are full chasing an escaped criminal, Vince—alongside his fight for custody of Melanie, his eight-year-old granddaughter and sole survivor of the wreck—pieces together a compelling theory that the crash was no accident. Vince’s theory provides Liz with an unexpected connection to her case and simultaneously raises concerns over Melanie’s safety and what she saw that fateful night.

Those concerns are justified. One person knows what the little girl saw.

A killer with nothing to lose.


Lest We Forgive is book 1 in the DS Liz Moorland Major Crimes series. The audiobook is narrated by John Wood (Blue Heelers, Rafferty's Rules etc & Gold Logie winner).

Recommended reading order of series:

  • Lest We Forgive
  • Lest Bridges Burn
  • Lest Tides Turn (2024 release)
  • Plus - Last Known Contact is a standalone in this world which can be read at any point. It shares several of the same characters and ties in to future books. 

This series contains some violence (not graphic on page), occasional use of stronger language, and themes of grief and loss.

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